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Whole Child Symposia


Live streamed symposia with expert speakers including Yong Zhao, Peter DeWitt, Karen Pittman, Robyn Jackson, Charles Haynes, Gene Carter, David Osher, Russell Quaglia, Linda Cliatt-Wyman, Jose Vilson, Jennifer Orr, Bena Kallick, Kaya Henderson, Kim Thomas, Paul Gorski, Kathleen Budge, Eliza Byard, Montserrat Garibay,  Maddie Fennell, Becky Pringle, Tanya Tucker, Tiffany Anderson, Kathleen Budge, Steve Suits, Brittney Maness, Judy Seltz, and Louis Torres.


Whole Child Whole Person Summit


Boston College researchers partner with ASCD to encourage educators to think broadly about educational change and to tap into their aspirations for better schools and a better society. Speakers included Stanton Wortham, Andy Hargreaves, Dennis Shirley, Linda Cliatt-Wyman, Yong Zhao, Peter DeWitt...


REX Annual Conference - Educating the Filipino Whole Child

2017 Manila, Philippines

Educating the Filipino Whole Child
Para Sa Bata.


Brookings Institution - Broader Skills for Global Citizens

2019 Washington DC

Teaching for the 21st century: Broader skills for global citizens


Global Educators Fest

2019 Udaipur, India

Global Educators Fest 2019 in Udaipur, India hosted by ScooNews.

Keynote Day 2 What Do We Want from Our Education Systems?

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